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Would you like to receive an extra paycheck this week? How about 2, 3 or what about 25 of them?

I'm going to show you exactly how to make a killing with "automatic membership sites" that run on auto-pilot... without you investing in over-priced membership software or spending hours every week managing them.

Stick with me because this is going to be one of the most exciting announcements and opportunities you'll ever read...

Fact is, there's nothing more profitable or easier to create than membership sites. I'm talking about websites that offer content that people want and need every day, week and month.


"...7 Reasons Why Fixed-Term Membership Sites Are The Best Way to Build Your Fortune Online..."

Reason #1: Massive profit margins. Because everything is delivered online and people are only paying for the valuable content, there is no cost for shipping. You get to set the value of daily, weekly or monthly payments and the more valuable your content is, the higher you can charge. You can literally make 10X what you would make with a product that someone pays only once for.

Reason #2: Little to zero competition. Everything you provide inside your membership sites is copyright protected so you can’t be knocked off plus there are so many niche markets that are hungry for content, you’ll find there are endless opportunities to rake in cold-hard cash

Reason # 3: Work from anywhere in the world. This is probably the best part about running these cash machines. You can lay on a beach in Florida; go skiing in whistler(like I do often). You literally can run your membership site business from anywhere in the world, even if you have no internet.

Reason #4: Cash-generating membership machines work on auto-pilot (that’s exactly how all of my membership sites are setup now)

Reason #5: No need to pay employees. This means you get to keep all the cash. The way these are setup, it doesn’t require help from others. This means there are no headaches or employees to manage.

Reason #6: Super low-cost to start up. Compared to any regular brick and mortar business or online endeavour, you can run your entire business from within a corner of your home easily -or take it on the road.

Reason #7: Lazy man’s recurring income. This is the beauty and magic of membership sites. Once all your content is loaded in, you can keep selling it over and over again. That is long term profit for one time effort.

It’s true - Membership Sites are the way to go for passive, recurring, huge profits!

In fact, did you know that the easiest and quickest way to create an automated online business that produces consistent and reliable recurring income is to start your own paid membership site?


"...When done right membership sites can be multiple times more profitable than
one-time fee sites!"

Would you rather get paid $97 per sale or $17/month from a customer who may stay for the next 6-12 months?

With membership sites, your customer gets well acquainted with who you are and the quality of the information and content you put out.  So, as long as you provide great content, guess who becomes your loyal fan that you can sell more products to?

Imagine...  You buy a product from ‘Vendor A’ about a year ago and then ‘Vendor A’ tries to contact you about an upcoming sale.  Most likely you’ve already forgotten about ‘Vendor A’ and why you bought their product in the first place.

Now imagine yourself as being ‘Vendor B’... You are part of an on-going membership site and you hear from ‘Vendor B’ every week or every month. Your relationship with them is most likely much stronger and you’ve stayed with them all these weeks, months, or even years.

See how powerful this is, compared to being the vendor whose customers buy one product from you, and that’s it? And can you picture how much money you’ve left on the table by being ‘Vendor A’? That’s why membership sites are amazing, profitable and make sense.

"The Problem with Membership Sites..."

You see, once most people hear about all these benefits of setting up their own cash-machine membership site, they get all excited and motivated to get started... but sadly most fall flat on their face trying. They don’t know how to setup them up, they are afraid of all the complex stuff, they only have so much time in a month and most don’t have a lot of money to start with. Never mind trying to find the right markets who want to pay, or the high profit topics. All of this of course leads to massive frustration.

So I wanted to do something about that. That’s why I’m going to hand you the biggest and easiest shortcut to a complete membership machine empire with practically all the heavy lifting done for you.


"Introducing... Money Machine Madness!"

...The Secret to Creating Hands Free Automated Income from Fixed-Term Membership Sites... with nothing more than web-hosting and an auto-responder and a little know-how!

Putting together the ultimate membership site course has not been an easy or inexpensive task. However, I think you’ll agree it was well worth the effort once you see what’s inside this course. Plus, now that I’ve completed it you have the opportunity to view it all - risk free!

The heart of this course is 10 studio-quality videos that can be viewed online or downloaded. This means you can watch it when you want, where you want and how you want. Each one reveals in the clearest details how to setup fixed-term membership sites that run in an efficient and profitable manner. So that once you’ve setup X amount of weeks or months of products in advance, they will suck in cash like a vacuum over and over again.  Plus,another upside is when a customer comes to your site and buys, the entire system you’ve setup delivers everything to them automatically.

I will show you how easy it is through these videos to set up your very own “membership machine” in any market. This means you don’t have to learn by trial and error, you don’t have to be a technical whiz, and you won’t have to worry about maintenance. Sound good?

Here's a closer look at what's inside this course..

Module 1 - Introduction and The Tools You'll Need

In this video you will be given an overview of how the system works so you know exactly what to expect in detail. By knowing this, implementation will be a lot faster as the pieces of the puzzle come together. You'll also learn what tools you need to get started. We will primarily be sticking with free tools; however you will need to pay for web hosting, a domain name, and an autoresponder service. Other than that we will not be using any expensive or complex tools.



Module 2 - Planning Out Your Membership

Planning and Brainstorming your sales funnel, or in other words, what your customers will see from the moment they land on your sales page to the actual membership itself, is important. What is your strategy for branding? And how will you deliver your content? When will you deliver your content? Knowing these vital elements are very important to the success of your fixed-term membership site. This is what you'll learn in this specific video.



Module 3 - Organizing Your Content

After video 2, you now know what your plan looks like. Now it's time to take action. At this moment in time, you will want to start gather the content you have, create it, and organize it so you know what comes out when. Now as simple and boring as that may sound, there's an actual strategy behind this to make sure your customers are happy and excited.




Module 4 - Creating Value and High Stick Rates

Now is the time you can figure out how to keep your customer stick rate high.  This means how long a person will stay a member on your site for.  The average stick rate for most memberships are anywhere from 3-6 months, and there are reasons for this.  Much of this has to do with the quality of the content, but I’ll show you some strategies you can use in your own site.




Module 5 - Creating Multiple 'Thank You' Pages

Now that you've done the proper prep work, it's time for the real implementation. In this specific video, you will learn how to create individual thank you or download pages for when you deliver your content, whether that be weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. You'll also learn how to edit the thank you pages using a free HTML editor tool. But don't worry, this tool is really not that complicated to use.

You'll also learn what most people do when creating their thank you pages that allows thieves to easily infiltrate them, and how you can avoid this.



Module 6 - PayPal Subscription Button Creation

After you've setup your main and individual thank you pages, how do you setup a PayPal subscription button to take payments? The way this works is a visitor will land on your sales page, click the PayPal subscription button and, after payment, it will send them to your main thank you page - where they can sign up to your automated membership machine. This video shows you how to connect all of these together.




Module 7 - Uploading Your Membership Site and Getting URLs

In this specific video, you will learn how make your website live and ready to sell. You'll learn how to use a free FTP program that will allow you to upload pages to your website. You'll need these individual thank you page URLs so that you can add them to your autoresponder for delivery in the next video.




Module 8 - Content Delivery System

There are several ways to drip feed your content. You can either use a complex membership script or use an autoresponder. While we will recommend a few scripts that can drip feed deliver your content, we will be primarily using an autoresponder, which is basically a third party email service that allows you to automate your emails. You'll learn how to setup a list, and create a confirmation email and autoresponder sequence to deliver your content.



Module 9 - Finalizing and Checking Everything Works

After you have setup everything, it's time to test it to ensure that it works. You don't want to skip this step because what if your system doesn't work? You'll want to find the bugs and smooth everything out before you launch it. In this video, we'll show you what you need to test and most importantly HOW.




Module 10 - Simple Tweaks to Reduce Support Tickets

Besides having your automated membership machine running, you will want to have an easy way for your customers to get answers and reach you if they have problems. In this section, you'll learn how to create support videos that will allow you to eliminate the majority of questions, and we'll also point you to the easiest helpdesk scripts to make your life easier.





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Recognize how to avoid the blunders of creating subscription based sites, thank you pages and emailing membership subscribers

Gain ingenious ways to gather, organize and deliver your content daily, weekly and monthly

And much more...

"...You're About to Get Your Hands on a True 'Set it and Forget it' Business Model that Will Work Hard for You for Many Years to Come!"

Once your membership is setup, they are hands free and can run on autopilot. You will need to answer your support emails, but if done correctly you can lower those too.

NEVER again spend hours wondering how to setup the system as there is a lot less technical setup than traditional membership sites

NEVER again guess how you are going to manage them, as this course demonstrates in the clearest way how to set up all the delivery of content automatically and also how to decrease the number of support emails so you can get on with your life and still profit

NEVER again try to figure out how to make extra money, as these membership sites will continue to pay you month after month and are perfect as a backend product

NEVER again struggle to earn trust as these type of membership sites build trust and establish a high converting list of customers who will buy from you time and time again

NEVER again make the costly and time robbing mistakes that 99% of all entrepreneurs make when trying to setup a profit-pulling membership site


With everything you are getting here, I can confidently tell you I’ve done 99% of the hard work for you. I’ve tried to think of everything you need to shatter any excuses or roadblocks you have standing in your way. It really is that effective! This "membership machine" course is so crammed full of ingenious, proven money-making ideas, that I feel certain you will find in it the key to making your dreams of financial independence come true.

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